August 2017 Net Worth: $422K Up $11K

Yet another month with double digit (in $Ks) growth. This seems unsustainable. We haven’t had a significant market pullback in a while. I have a feeling September won’t be so kind. However, I’ll take it while it lasts! This month was kind of boring as there were no significant jumps in value for anything other than our home.

Assets +$9,772 change

  • Mr MORE’s 401k: I was concerned my 401k value would fall below 300K by the end of the August. But it pulled ahead at the last minute. Even though the market was down a bit, my contributions helped push it to the positive side.
  • Mr MORE’s Roth: Tesla rebounded.
  • Mrs MORE’s 401k: The ~$1900 adds up quick and insulates us from market declines.
  • Mrs MORE’s Rollover: Still chugging away in Vanguard’s VTSAX.
  • Mrs MORE’s Roth: Slowly chugging.
  • Joint Savings: We almost hit our target of $1,500 in savings. We’re not only putting in savings from our pay checks but also any cash back rewards from our credit card.
  • Home Value: Home value increased $4,785. My home value is an average of Zillow, Redfin and I’m least excited about this increasing because it means property taxes increase. However, if we sell it at some point in the future that might be beneficial. But no plans as of now.
  • Brokerage (options): Right now i’m out of everything. Was in a few short puts in Apple. Closed both of those out because Apple is flying so high. I expect a pull back soon. Up 15% since I restarted in April with $5,000.
  • Brokerage (let’er ride): slow grind. This was my first ever brokerage account (2005) that holds PG, MRK, and the newly acquired AAPL (2013).
  • Lending Club: Three loans have stopped paying and I’ve adjust the balance accordingly. The annual yield has been brought down from 7+% to 2.14%. Unfortunately, one of those payees of the non-performing loans died. Yikes! The other two have just flat out stopped paying. They, coincidentally, are both C rated risk. LC shows every time they try to collect payment after someone misses a payment and it’s ridiculous. They call 3 times a day, every day. Must be stressful for those who can’t pay. I think because of this I won’t be investing in any more C rated loans. If they can’t pay they shouldn’t be borrowing and I shouldn’t try to play a part in facilitating those loans.

Liabilities +$1,049 change

  •  Mortgage: Slowly chipping away. 
  • Car Loan (Mrs): Slowly chipping away.
  • Car Loan (Mr): Slowly chipping away.
  • Student Loan: Also, slowly chipping.

Net Worth: I maintain my excitement but with more caution. I know next month we’ll have a large bill to pay that will affect our savings and bottom line. Plus, this market can’t keep on like this. Can it? If it can and nothing significant changes in our situation, we might end the year with our net worth somewhere between $450,000 and $480,000.

Also, #139 (of 396) on Rockstar Finance’s Net Worth Tracker. Shooting for top 10% (i.e., $1.25M) ?:^)

What do you think? Are you experiencing the same market appreciation?