Max Out! Retire Early!

This is a blog about my (and my wife’s) journey to early retirement.

I don’t mind working. I’d just like to work on my terms. As much or as little as I want. Whenever I want. Wherever I want. Or maybe even not at all. But how do I get there (early retirement/financial independence)? And what does it take without sacrificing the things I’ve come to enjoy in life? This is about that.

Blog Binge gives you access all my blog posts in chronological order. You’ll find posts on my net worth and personal finance related topics.

Net worth provides a view into 10 years of tracking my net worth. Starting in 2017, I began posting monthly and breaking out the progression of my assets and liabilities as it relates to my net worth with commentary.

I hope to add more over time. Please reach out with any questions or requests here.

-Max Out!