About Max

Max Out Retire Early is a blog to help others see a path to early retirement. Max’s approach to achieving Financial Independence and/or Retiring Early (FIRE) is to max out all accounts, especially tax advantaged ones. However, I don’t want to sacrifice my lifestyle just to retire a few years early. With so many unknowns in the future, the MORE you save, the MORE you reduce the risk and increase your lifestyle standards. Gone are the days of working to ~60 and getting solid pensions. You have to make your own retirement plan.

A wise uncle once told (made) Max to max out his retirement account. The pain and struggle were real. I was making $55K and needed every penny to live the life a twenty something year old needed to live. But the uncle who has all he could ever need (and likely has a Scrooge McDuck vault in his house somewhere) was enough proof that maxing out was the right path to what the kids call becoming a “baller”.

The positive effect on his net worth was so clear. He then began looking for ways to max other aspects of his life out and has grown his wealth fairly significantly while maintaining a great standard of living.

Max is competitive but also believes in bringing people along. That’s why he transparently publishes his net worth monthly and writes about topics that others can learn and grow from. Max sees this website as a contribution as well as a thank you to the FIRE community and hopes more people join the financial movement.

Here’s a little about Max’s background:

Max was born in the early 80’s to parents who worked for the state making middle class money. Max’s fam wasn’t wealthy by any means. Max’s fam took road trips in the summer. Max’s dad would get ‘new’ used sports cars every couple of years and would purchase my mom a buick every few years too. Max never had anything flashy with the exception of a brand new pontiac grand am GT that Max’s parents surprised him with on his 16th bday. It was definitely a cool car.

Max went to inner city schools and was able to get into gifted and talented classes, honors classes, AP and IB classes. When it came to college, Max got some sort of leadership scholarship that funded four years of tuition. Max decided to take five.

Right out of college, Max spent graduation money getting investment and life insurance licenses to become a financial advisor. Cold calling sucked and after of year of kicking ass, Max moved to a fortune 500 company. Max started out in their call center and began an MBA program which they paid for. After getting an MBA, Max transitioned to a staff role which accelerated his net worth growth. That was about the same time Max started dating his wife and cut out the partying/weekend warrior shenanigans.

Max bought a house, got several more promotions and collectively makes in the low six figures with his wife. They consider themselves middle to upper middle class and headed toward a $2.4M pile of cash that they will slow-burn through early retirement.

Thanks for visiting and reading.

PS: Writing in the third person was weird.