That’s a Wrap! 2017 Net Worth: $476K; Up $20K in December

I’m going to do a quick monthly update and then talk about the more exciting annual review.

What a great month and what a great year! From $307K to $476K in 2017 that ended with a $20K month. Awesome. I was uncertain about this month, given my wife was in her second month of unemployment, the markets could sell off at the end of the year, and my wife loves to give gifts to the entire world. Fortunately, I had two positive income events that helped balance the drain on our income: a ~4% holiday bonus and no longer having to pay the 6.2% social security tax due to exceeding the wage ceiling of $127,200.

And furthermore, Mrs MORE got a job! After two months of looking and applying for at least one job every day, she landed a job at a great university! The job comes fully stocked with a 403b (equivalent of a 401k but for non-profits/educational institutions) and a generous 10% match after two years. She diligently prepared for her interview, wowing the panel that numbered in the double digits. I couldn’t be more proud.

Assets +$18,299

  • Mr MORE’s 401k (+$6,328): December was a three paycheck month thanks to a holiday bonus. As a result, I had over $2,000 invested into my 401k.
  • Mr MORE’s Roth (-$40): Tesla is hovering around a price just north of $300. I remain optimistic in this guy’s Elon’s vision of the future and, more importantly, his ability to bring his vision to fruition. I’m capitalizing on the movements and stagnancy of this stock in my brokerage options account by selling puts.
  • Mrs MORE’s 401k (+$3,862): Although my wife is not actively participating in a 401k plan at the moment her account is still growing. And, it looks like her employer may have vested her unvested amount. That means $3,000 back to her balance!
  • Mrs MORE’s Rollover (+$168): Still chugging away in Vanguard’s VTSAX.
  • Mrs MORE’s Roth (+$16): Slowly chugging.
  • Joint Savings (+$1,637): Despite reduced income, we were able to save almost all of the Mrs’s unemployment checks ~$1600.
  • Home Value (+$4,772): Home value rebounded nicely. The way I compute my home value is the average values shown on Zillow, Redfin, and
  • Brokerage (options) (+$161): Ended the year up 5.24% vs the S&P500’s 21% (includes reinvested dividends). Currently, I’m trying to stage a comeback with Tesla.
  • Brokerage (let’er ride) (-$9): slow grind continues. Apple, my main holding, is slow and steady.
  • Digital Currency! (+$1,349): This continues to be stupid with tremendous growth in value.
  • Lending Club(-$24): Slowly pulling my few hundred bucks out.

Liabilities +$1,054

  • Mortgage (+$365): Slowly chipping away. 
  • Car Loan – Mrs (+$762): Slowly chipping away. Made an extra payment due to paycheck timing. Will likely not make another payment until Feb.
  • Car Loan – Mr (+$438): Slowly chipping away. Made an extra payment due to paycheck timing. Will likely not make another payment until Feb.
  • Student Loan (+$101): Also, slowly chipping.

Net Worth (+$19,964): December totally rocked out. Half a million in net worth ***$500,000*** is in sight.

Also, #164 (of 477) on Rockstar Finance’s Net Worth Tracker. I keep slipping – more people are getting added at the top. Shooting for top 10% (i.e., $1.3M) ?:^)

How’s your net worth progress coming along?